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The Official Founder of Concrete SolutionsThe Official Founder of Concrete Solutions

Experience the long-lasting protection and beauty of our concrete coatings!

Are you tired of your dull concrete floor? Looking for an easy-to-clean surface that will last for a lifetime?

Our specialized concrete coatings will make your floors look beautiful and more durable than ever. We can help you repair the concrete that has already begun to deteriorate, protect a newly poured concrete surface, or improve the visual look of your indoor, outdoor, residential, or commercial floors.

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Value Priced

Competitive Rates

Improve the aesthetic look of your cracked and pitted concrete floor. You'll be surprised that it's not only reasonably priced but how will instantly enrich your property's value.


Easy Care

With our concrete treatment, you'll have a resistant, easy-to-maintain concrete floor. We guarantee no yellowing, chipping, peeling, or bubbling.

Quality Work

Exceptional Craftsmanship

We are highly skilled in concrete repair, attending floors to which most contractors walk away. Our decades of experience are evident in each installation.

Superior Service

Unmatched Customer Experience

We are not a franchise. CCS is locally and veteran-owned, allowing you to work directly with the owners from quote through completion and the life of your floor coating.

Our Happy Customers

"Had a great experience. Deeatra was helpful and knew alot about what makes certain techniques better than others. The finished concrete turned out incredible. My wife and I love it."

Craig Robidoux

"Very happy. They were quick to respond and excellent communicators. They masterfully fixed multiple cracks, pitting, chipping leaving me with a smooth garage floor.

Michael B

"They did my garage floor in 2016. It is September 2020 and the floor looks as good as the day they did the job. I consistently get compliments on how great it looks. Very knowledgeable and professional."

Don Teifke

Concrete Coatings Done Right

We provide a quality installation that stands the test of time in a residential or commercial environment. Polyaspartic flooring refers to a durable and stain-resistance coating that serves similar purposes to epoxy coating but with higher quality and longer-lasting results. Polyaspartic sealant offers protection against chemicals and elements. It also provides UV resistance, traction, and grip to prevent dangerous slips. Additionally, it comes in various UDT concrete dye options so you can emphasize the intended aesthetic of your commercial space. The superior, long-lasting protection it provides against heavy foot traffic is one of the primary benefits of Polyaspartic floor coating for a customer-facing storefront. The coating process consists of an application of a tinted Polyaspartic basecoat and a clear topcoat that can have slip-resistant aggregate added to it.

We offer competitive prices that will exceed your expectations! We provide quick response and care, so you can rest assured that we will complete your project promptly and efficiently. Our skilled professionals are eager to help you find the perfect solution for your concrete floors. Contact us today!

Concrete coating with 2 color combinations in Milwaukee, WI.
Garage floor with impermeable concrete coating in Milwaukee, WI.

Why choose polyaspartic over epoxy floor coatings?

Chemical Bond

Epoxy is a protective layer for your concrete floor, while polyaspartic penetrates up to 1/8" deep, creating a lasting bond with the surface beneath. Extremely durable polyaspartic is more resistant to wear and tear than epoxy.

Durable & Lasting Finish

Epoxy hardens and shrinks as time passes, making it prone to becoming brittle and cracking. On the other hand, your polyaspartic floor will take no longer than seven days to fully cure and then remain static for the rest of its life. They are 98% more flexible and 4x more robust, providing long-lasting protection against cracking and flaking.

Greater Slip-Resistance

Polyaspartic offers a non-slip, slip-resistant surface that is perfect for commercial or industrial spaces, while epoxy has a glossy finish that can be slippery when wet.

Chemical & UV Resistant

Both polyaspartic and epoxy are resistant to most chemicals, but the chemical and UV resistance of polyaspartic is unmatched, so your floor doesn't turn yellow with sunlight exposure.

Easy to Clean

Polyaspartic floor coatings are not affected by winter salt, oil spills, or dropped objects. Clean-up of a polyaspartic floor is as simple as using water, dish soap, a rag, and a squeegee to wash away battery acid, transmission or brake fluid, oil, or any other spill. You can even use gas to clean it. Salt does not damage it.

The Official Founder of Concrete SolutionsThe Official Founder of Concrete Solutions

Care, Cleaning, and Maintenance Guidelines

When applying concrete coatings, the surface will have variations in Texture, Finish, and Color. Each batch of color mixes differently, resulting in a unique color pattern for your floor. These variations are normal and are not considered imperfections.

Dry Times (depending on weather)
  • 1-3 Hours: Begins to dry and tack up (light rain resistant).
  • 18-24 Hours: Light to normal foot traffic.
  • 24-72 Hours: Short-term vehicle parking (no more than 12 hours) and lightweight objects may be set down (do not slide or drop items).
  • 7-15+ Days: Long-term vehicles, ATVs, riding lawnmowers, snow blowers, and other heavy objects may be moved in (do not slide or drop items on the surface).
General Cleaning of Interior Surfaces

Interior surfaces may be cleaned by mopping, use of a carpet cleaning/extraction machine, steam cleaner, floor scrubber with light-duty pad, or auto scrubber.

General Cleaning of Exterior Surfaces

Exterior surfaces may be cleaned using a nylon push broom and hose to flush away the dirt or a pressure washer (not exceeding 1,200 psi), and a fan tip is used. Never use any high-pressure type of turbo/rotating tip.

Recommended Cleaners

Neutral-pH-balanced cleaners are recommended. They leave no film residue, are low foaming, do not require rinsing, and have a pleasant aroma. In addition, they are green-safe, user-friendly, non-toxic, and economical.

No Need to Wax

Never wax your Polyaspartic surface. A Polyaspartic finish will outshine and outlast any other sealer on the market without wax.


Polyaspartic polyurea coatings have excellent stain resistance compared to other types of resinous sealers and coatings. They are not “stain-proof,” however. Stains can become permanent if care is not taken to regularly clean spills, residues, and marks.


Standard good housekeeping can help deter accidental slips and falls that can result in injuries due to the build-up of grease, oil, soap residues, suntan lotions, etc.

  • Never use citrus or citrus products to clean.
  • Tree sap, adhesives, and other sticky residues: Goo-Gone or Dissolve-It.
  • Tire marks, road tars: Carburetor cleaner or gas.
  • Mineral or lime deposits: Efflorescence (trisodium phosphate) per 1 gal warm water. Scrub with a push broom or brush. Allow to set for 10 minutes, then rinse/flush thoroughly. Spot clean with Lime-Away, etc.
  • Oil, grease: Common grease-cutting detergent (Dawn) diluted in warm or hot water. Rinse thoroughly.
  • Animal feces and urine: Clorox Clean-Up cleaner followed by a freshwater rinse.
  • Rust stains: Prevention is best. CLR can be used with a plastic bristle brush, and for real hard stains, use The Works. Remember to wear gloves and then rinse off.
The Use of Rubber-Backed Rugs or Mats

Never place rubber-backed rugs or mats on an interior or exterior Polyaspartic surface. Rising vapors emitted from cementitious substrates must be allowed to evaporate naturally. Rugs or mats that allow vapors to pass through them, or those with an open-weave, waffle-like backing, are generally acceptable indoors.

Planters, Potted Plants

Do not place plants or potted plants directly on a Polyaspartic surface. Use plant dollies or plant stands with legs to allow for ventilation between planters and Polyaspartic surfaces.

You can count on an exceptional lifetime guarantee!

You can have peace of mind and confidence in our product material's quality. We promise your product will remain pristine; no yellowing, chipping, peeling, or bubbling is guaranteed! Your property will increase in value as the guarantee is also transferable to future owners.

* The guarantee does NOT cover any water, moisture, or concrete integrity damage, such as cracks, rust, scratches, or stains.

Concrete Coatings

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Our concrete finishes provide a beautiful, easy-to-clean, and durable surface to enhance any room, garage floor, basement, porch, patio, driveway, pool deck, office, retail showroom, warehouse, or factory floor.

Concrete coating for patios in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Keep your concrete floors and surfaces looking beautiful for years to come.

We strive to make the installation process as smooth and seamless as possible without disrupting your daily life and business operations. We'll work hard so that you can be proud of the professional and stunning results. Contact us today for all your concrete coating needs!